Global Electromechanical Switch Market Research

September 14, 2017

Electromechanical switches are devices designed and used as additions for electrical circuits. They register over current, over-voltage, reverse power flow, and frequency. All of this is done in order to reduce the risk of major accidents or flashovers related to the electrical system within a structure or in machinery. Essentially, they work by tripping the circuit breaker when a fault is detected. If there is any discrepancy in the current an alarm is triggered by the relay and the system is shut off to minimize damage. There are a number of different kinds of relays, including digital, but electromechanical are among the most common options.

The Industry

The electromechanical switch industry is growing, as these products become increasingly in demand. This is due to the growing reliance on automation and machinery in production amongst other industries. It has made strong recoveries since the Asian economic collapse of the late 90s, and is finally coming back stronger than ever before. Trade agreements like NAFTA's have only served to strengthen them. Since hitting $4.2 billion in 2008, the global market for electromechanical switch products has seen steady growth ever since. It is worth noting that what makes this so impressive is that this was nearly a $1 billion jump in growth over the course of four years from 2004. This would be an impressive feat in any industry. Electromechanical switches are expected to continue to grow at 3%-4% annually on an ongoing basis. This may not sound significant to the average person, but it demonstrates a reliable and steady industry while be indicative of other areas of growth.

Major Areas of Growth

The term "electromechanical switch" is just an umbrella term for a wide array of diverse devices. Some are more in demand and popular than others. Some of these include:

  • Pushbutton switches: These are expected to have growth on an annual basis across the globe. Sectors needing this product will include appliance and power tools, automotive transportation, and telecommunications.
  • Rocker switches: North America in particular is expected to see an increased demand for these devices. This will be driven by consumer electronics and the telecommunications sector.
  • DIP Switches: Dual-In Line Packages or "DIP" switch products are expected to see an international gain in market share. All regions will also see market share gains for DIP switch products. More and more applications and products are turning to DIP switches as a viable alternative.


Who To Turn To

Venture Development Corporation (VDC) is an independent technology market research and strategy consulting firm that continues to track the progress of this industry. They specialize in a number of component, embedded, industrial, and defence markets. They have been operating since 1971 when the firm was founded by Harvard Graduates. That being said, VDC is one of a couple of reliable sources on the matter. The Market Reports are another source, that aims to provide the best industry and market reports. Their goal is to consolidate all information into an easily read package for those who wish to educate themselves.

How To Get Involved

When looking for a field of work to get into the clear choice is to first look for demand. Look for growing industries because this will ensure that there will be work and jobs that require these specific skills for years to come. Electromechanical courses and electromechanical training are necessary in order to enter into the electromechanical switch industry. The training will be incredibly beneficial though because of the increasing demand for professionals with this specific set of skills. This demand largely due to the increase of automation in manufacturing and other fields. Electronic technicians will be needed in all aspects of these devices. They will assist in the production and building of them as well as in maintenance and repairs. As these switches become more sophisticated to coincide with increasingly complex automation, more positions will be required to keep up with the developments being made. It is an exciting area of work to enter into. It is also one that requires people to continue to learn for as long as they do it. Technicians will need to ensure that their knowledge is up to date in order to be sure that they can fix any issues that arise. Luckily this will be easy to do since they can learn on the job as they work. There are a number of programs available to everyone and anyone looking into this line of work, and it is a great way to be “ahead of the curve” in the job market.

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