Study at Your Own Pace

It is easy to take the online Electromechanical Technician program. Once you sign-up for the program, we’ll send you the curriculum in a downloadable file format. You simply click the link and follow the instructions to download and install the curriculum software directly onto your computer. New students can start learning immediately, as all the required program materials are included with the download.

Additional learning support

In addition to the curriculum software, you will get access to our online resource material to help you easily master the program content. Students get access to the Discussion Forum with sections dedicated to the student community, tutorials and program news. Student Learning Center provides supplemental learning materials that can help you clarify complex concepts. Also, students can utilize a glossary of technical terms or watch videos related to the module content to clarify and reinforce the concepts.

If you feel stuck or have any questions, you will have access to our excellent support services. You can speak directly with one of our technical and tutorial support advisors by phone, e-mail or through online forms. They will answer your questions quickly and easily.

Online exam and exam preparation

To help make sure you've mastered the content, you'll review materials that include practice and review questions at the end of each module. Once you feel ready, you'll go online and take the module exam. Don't worry! You'll also be given a detailed guidance on how to take the exam and what is required to pass. After completing a module, you'll move on to the other modules in the program. 

Before you know it, you'll have completed the program, and you'll have received your certificate. It's that easy!