Top 10 most Important schematic symbols for designing circuits

April 19, 2021

We all are surrounded by electronic devices including phones, laptops, TV etc, but did you ever wonder what these things are made of. Most people might answer circuits which is correct to a point. A circuit is a closed path that allow electricity to flow from one end to another and made of various individual components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors etc.

The schematic symbols for these components are largely standardized today. In this article you will be introduced to top 10 important schematic symbols as per ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute).

Schematic Symbols

Anyone interested in learning electronics should start with identifying these 10 electronic components. Once you have mastered these you can move forward to more complex components; join them to form desired circuits and before you know it you will be assembling and soldering the circuits. You can also use a simulation tool, like CircuitLogix, to build, test and troubleshoot more advanced circuits.

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